Our track record

Over the past three years, with a focus on achieving outcomes for clients, Escombe has been successful in sourcing property for over 133 family units and in providing specialist home care services for severely disabled people. Escombe is the first organization to enter into a long term leasing arrangement with a property owner under the new state –backed housing scheme.

What Our Clients Say

“With Escombe you know where you stand. They keep on top of things. They made sure we were doing our bit while they were doing theirs…..If they say they will do it, they do it. If it’s ‘no’, it’ ‘no’.”

Family in emergency accommodation for 9 years, housed by Escombe within three months.

“After 16 years in homeless hostels, you lose confidence and landlords don’t want to know you. Escombe said ‘be confident and believe’. They talked to the landlord and after 6 weeks I had my own key. All my birthdays came at once”

Single man, previously considered long term homeless

What the Property Owners Say

“When Escombe recommend a tenant, I feel confident that it will work. You know where you stand and they have an a straightforward approach”

Mr BL, Landlord who provides accommodation for Escombe’s clients

“They knew more about the local authority schemes than I did. You have confidence they know their business – and they know how to negotiate!”

Mr BG, Dublin Landlord new to RAS scheme

What the Funders Say

It was a big move for J to go from a nursing home to independent living – Escombe showed great tenacity in helping him make this move work – we could not have achieved that without them”.

HSE on Escombe’s role in providing specialist home care for person with quadriplegic disability